February 16, 2021 Community Baptist Church

Psalm 91 Night Terrors

Psalm 91

Night Terrors


           Night terrors (vs 5) are excruciating and exhausting for the one experiencing them and the family surrounding them. Plague and pestilence create death and every family member is impacted. It is tempting to read this psalm as an assurance that nothing evil, nothing harmful nothing destructive impacts those who trust God.

           The opposite may be closer to the truth. Evil exists. Harmful things happen. Destruction occurs. These are consequences of the fall (see Genesis 3). Twice the psalmist references where he chooses to dwell or make one’s habitation (see vs 2, 9).

           The evil and darkness of the world around us is a natural result of the sin of Adam and Even compounded by generation after generation of men and women just like Adam and Eve.

These are not permanent conditions. Six times in the last section God promises that He will act – deliver, protect, answer, be with, rescue, and satisfy.

           In order to receive all that God has for us, though, we have to call out to Him. Sometimes the most effective prayer is the shortest one – ‘Help!’ All of us experience a variety of challenges. None of us are exempt from the consequences of the Fall. Every one of us is but a prayer away from God’s gracious promises.