December 18, 2020 Community Baptist Church

Journey Through Luke's Gopel

Dec 18

Luke 18

They understood none of these things.

           Pray with persistence. Pray in humility. Trust like children, be willing to give all for possessing the kingdom of God. Those who had been with Jesus the longest, the fishermen hed had called by name, the tax-collector whose life Jesus had disrupted, others He had identified as ‘apostles,’ none of them understood. Having heard Jesus teach, seeing His perform miracles for nearly three years, and they still did not understand.

           It all sounds so clear in our ears doesn’t it? Or does it? We still pray with little or no persistence. We still brag about our diligence and our accomplishments for God. We still act superior to those who act like children. We hold on to our ‘things’ and miss much of what God is really doing in our world.

           If we want to understand, then we need to trust completely like a child, let go of anything that is keeping us anchored to this world, and learn to live fully exposed before God. Then maybe we can begin to understand.