December 03, 2020 Community Baptist Church

Christmas Journey Through Luke's Gospel

Christmas Journey Through Luke's Gospel

Dec 3, 2020

Luke 3

What then should we do?

           John the Baptist, challenging people to a different way of life, insisted that a person’s heritage was no guarantee of God’s blessing (see vs, 8-9). Those who listened wanted specifics – what should we do (vs 10, 12, 14)? Many thought perhaps John was the Promised One, the One of whom the prophets of old had spoken. With his rather sudden appearance as though out of nowhere, his striking appearance, and his startling message created waves of expectation.

           However, he quickly dispelled any speculation. He was NOT the Messiah, but the Messiah is coming! John’s preaching soon created the wrong kind of wave, and Herod had him arrested but not before he baptized Jesus, the Promised One.

           IF heritage doesn’t matter what does Luke record the genealogy of Jesus? The Messiah, whom had been prophesied, must come from the family of Jacob, through the line of King David of Israel. This long line of ‘begats’ is a reminder that God’s plan has been unfolding since creation (vs 38).

           Though John appears to have come out of nowhere, he really comes as part of God’s plan of the ages.